Honey Bee Themed Birthday Party

It’s about to “bee” a first birthday party!

When my sister-in-law came to me for help with the invitations for her little one’s honey bee-themed birthday party, how could I say no? Besides the fact that she’s the cutest and saying no to her is basically impossible, I LOVE planning birthday parties – especially for one as adorable as the theme she picked out. Seriously guys, the only things that could top the excitement and joy I get from this sort of thing would be a room full of golden retriever puppies and a molten lava cake from Trader Joes.

For the invitation, I wanted to make it super personalized for my niece so I made the honey look like it was dripping of each of the letters in her name. Add in the honeycombs with a watercolor overlay and a cute, simple bee and WA-LA! an adorable, custom invitation was created. Okay there were a quite a few other steps but no one’s got time for that!

It was getting late, but I knew my SOL would want to send out thank you cards and if I could help make her life a little easier, of course I was going to do it.

Side bar: To be completely honest, I am 100% in love with how these cards turned out and still cannot stop admiring them. The quality is topnotch and the colors turned out AMAZING.

Of course I’m super extra so I didn’t stop at creating the invitations and thank you cards. Before I knew it, I had created a banner to be used at the party and for my niece’s first birthday photoshoot, and matching t-shirts for her family.

I remember when I was pregnant with my first, I received an adorable set of matching bear t-shirts (Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear), which we used for our pregnancy announcement. But after a few washes and a dryer that was probably too hot, the text started to fall apart. So when I went to order these t-shirts, quality was the most important factor. I ended up getting the Mama Bee and Papa Bee shirts embroidered to ensure it would hold up through multiple washes and let me tell you, these shirts look bee-autiful. They are also SO SOFT, I almost didn’t want to hand them over to my SOL and her family! 😉

My niece’s birthday will be here in just a few short weeks and I’m sure my SOL will be running around trying to put together the final touches. After all, that first birthday party is just so darn special!

Interested in any of the products above? Links to my Etsy shop are below!

Did you know I design all of my products and every single item is made in the USA? How cool is that?!

First Birthday Honey Bee Invitation with Matching Thank You Cards with kraft envelopes

Customizable Honey Bee Birthday Sign | Banner

Baby Bee or Birthday Bee T-Shirt or Onesie

Embroidered Mama Bee T-Shirt

Embroidered Papa Bee T-Shirt

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