A modern desert oasis nursery

When we found out Baby Girl #2 was on the way, visions of deserts mixed with cool, deep blues came to mind for the nursery… because you know, those two themes are obviously related (pregnancy hormones do odd things, people).

This room ended up being much more than just a fresh coat of paint, though there was a lot of paint used in this project! We explored macrame, spray painted a metal Kokopelli, used beautiful wall decals, and sanded and stained a previously heavily lacquered dresser.


We painted the walls a beautiful white, Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore, and painted one wall a deep blue, Tsunami by Behr. We have very poorly textured walls so getting paint to evenly stick is always a challenge. The white took quite a few coats, but the blue covered extremely well – probably because it’s such a rich color! We also ended up painting the baseboards and window trimmings the same white.

Wall Art & Decor

I had never used wall decals before and to be honest, I had my reservations. Would these things actually stick to the wall? What if they looked tacky? And then the thousands of options to choose from!

After fighting an internal battle for a few days and hours of mindless scrolling through Etsy shops, I found these walls decals that not only fit my nursery theme perfectly, but the product also had great reviews. Was it fate? I like to think so.

Next up on the wall decal train was the Kokopelli remodel. For those who don’t know, Kokopelli is a Native American fertility deity, a trickster god, and represents the spirit of music. I wish I had taken a before picture because this thing definitely got a facelift. It was multi-colored with dark reds, yellows, and blue, which was not on theme for this room. Armed with one can of silver spray paint and my respirator protecting me from the fumes, the Kokopelli was quickly transformed into this modern decorative piece, perfect for my desert oasis!

Disclaimer: I have not ever done macrame or yarn art before and this piece is obviously not professional. BUT it cost me about $5 total (I found the branch in my backyard) and it filled up a few hours of my time. Plus, it’s imperfections give it character… right?


I so badly wanted a cowhide rug for the nursery, but I couldn’t get my head around spending a bunch of money on something that would likely get spit up on… or worse. I also wanted a modern version of a cowhide rug, rather than the typical brown and white spotted fur.

After searching for a little under forever, I found this pretty little number – and it was less than $100! It’s definitely thin and obviously not real, but it’s exactly what I was looking for with a much smaller price tag. Now I won’t cry when baby (or the dog) inevitably does something terrible to the rug. That sounds like a win all around!


We are blessed to have family that are amazing woodworkers and they made us this beautiful crib for our first daughter. This thing is topnotch quality (seriously… can I sleep in here?) and I imagine it will be passed down for many generations – but first, Baby Girl #2 gets to call it her own!

The dresser was a BEAST. Can you believe it was originally a dark brown (almost black!) dresser? With a LOT of sanding, some gray wood stain, and new dresser handles from CB2, we completely transformed this dresser.

What do you think of this nursery? What are your plans for your own nursery / kids’ rooms? Share / Comment below!

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