DIY Ikea Table Lamp Hack

Anyone who says they don’t like Ikea clearly hasn’t seen all the cool hacks you can do with their stuff!

To be honest, I never thought of doing anything with these lamps other than using them as is. I was never in love with them, but they were simple and best of all, they only cost $25.

When we started redesigning our master bedroom, I decided to ditch the silver accents and go with gold, black, and natural wood accents. Obviously, that made these lamps totally out of the design aesthetic we were going for.

Instead of buying new lamps, we decided to DIY hack our own standard IKEA lamps for $15 and turn them into modern boho chic lamps!

Want to transform a lamp of your own?

Shopping list:

Jute twine: Jute twine comes in many different thicknesses. I went with a thinner twine as that was more of the look I wanted and used about 200 yards to fully wrap both lampshades.
Spray paint: I decided to go with a black matte spray paint from Rust-oleum. So far, it’s holding up well and the color truly is matte.
Fire resistant fabric spray: For some added reassurance!
  1. Wipe down the lamp base and lampshade to remove any dust and grime.
  2. Once the base has dried, it’s time to bring out the spray paint! Be sure to lay out something underneath you don’t mind getting paint all over (like cardboard) and do it in a well ventilated area.
  3. While the paint dries on the lamp base, you can start working on the lampshade. I couldn’t remove the covering off my shade or the whole thing would fall apart, so instead, I wrapped the twine around the existing shade. Fair warning, this might take awhile if you used thin twine like me!
  4. If you’ve decided to use the fire resistant fabric spray, use as directed on the bottle to protect your lampshade.
  5. After the shade and base is dry, you can put your lamp back together and give yourself a pat on the back – you’ve basically got a new lamp!

Revamping your own lamp? Share / comment below!

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